In 2010, a crack engineering unit was sent to Anting by a rogue contract agency for a crime they didn’t commit.
These men promptly escaped from a maximum security design studio to the Shanghai underground.
Today, still wanted by the end-client, they survive as soldiers of defication.
If you have an ejection, if no one else can classify it, and if you can find them, maybe you can consult…
The Poo-Team.

Yep. That just about sums up how bored we can get sometimes, as does this website. In actual fact, it’s not fair to blame our slightly distorted senses of humour on boredom. An innately jocular nature shared between a handful of young, no, screw you, young expat engineers working away, a long way away from home, gave birth to the childishly humourous phenomena you read here today.

While we obviously don’t take ourselves too seriously here at, we do expect our visitors to observe the usual nicities of not ripping off our content wholly, or in part, without our express written permission. Why anyone would possibly want to, is beyond us.

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Meet the team – our bographies:

Charlary Darkson: Born “Charlary leSmutt-Humour Smeary Darkson the III”.
Originally raised on home-brew carrot whiskey, he soon progressed to appreciating anything as long as it was beyond 70% proof… at the age of 3 months.
And he really, really loves poo. Your friendly site administrator.

Barles Glaswin: A proud Australian, is none other than the strap-on sporting vicar of Changchun, his religious duties have included wedding Julius Caesar to an inflatable doll. Such was his dedication to duty Glaswin prepared the bride personally by adorning her nipples, upper lip and pudenda with his own pubic hair. Prior to becoming a ‘Man of the cloth’, Glaswin studied at Caulfield University of Non Technical Studies, (Australia) where he became don of computer science. In 2006 Glaswin set out on a voyage of discovery to Outer Mongolia which was to end in tragedy, captured by tribesmen he looked on helplessly as companion Chargel Darling was force fed sugared horse penis at gunpoint. A young, in bred boy reportedly played banjo music throughout the whole ghastly affair. Although traumatised by the experience Glaswin escaped unharmed and returned to civilization to write his landmark work The Origin of Faeces. In 2010 Glaswin made pilgrimage to The Sir Winston Churchill suite at Longbridge, where he identified and recorded The Hovis Dreadnought. Glaswin now resides in North East China where he studies applied logic.

Chargel Darling: Chargel was actually hatched from a fish egg found washed up on the beach of Portscatho, Cornwall after a particularly big storm in the Winter of 1768. A beardy bloke named Bob who happened to be walking his red setter that morning, took the egg home to be placed it in the airing cupboard next to his toilet. Many years later Bob was cleaning out his airing cupboard and found Chargel sitting at the back lower shelf, gently weeping into a paper cup. Chargel went on to graduate from the Ilfracombe arts college in the use of advanced finger painting before later finding his true vocation at the seat of a bum easel. Some say that those dark airing cupboard years were invaluable to his later life choices, others say he doesn’t even exist and Chargel is merely “pixie legend” but what we do know is that he really really likes poo…(no “H” because that’s a bear)

Chick Bain: Chick is the Ying to our Yang. We love what comes out the sh1tter, he loves what goes in. Not personally, you understand… we’re just surrounded by millions of “that way inclined”. They love it – they all do….