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Glaswin’s Trap – Kenny G

Dropping so hot it’s turned pan-water to steam, are delighted to present to you yet another smattering from our chilly northern correspondent Barles Glaswin.

Blatantly still under the heady influence of Tony Robbins, Barles recounts the heart-warming story of the Kenny G as seen through his eyes.

The sharper-eyed members of the anal-isys team were particularly excited with the sweetcorn quotient in this puppy.

Glaswin’s Trap – All Creatures Great and Small

Our very own poet laureate, Barles Glaswin, has imparted on us another fine tale in Barles’ Special Species. The fourth in the serial, we take you to the charming village of Darrowby and proffer an enchanting insight into: All Creatures Great and Small. Enjoy!

Updated.Correct pic has now been supplied, Thank you Chargel!

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