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King of Jacks – the Flann O’Gratz

Introducing another new entry into the King of Jacks section, a little beauty all the way from Austria. Check out the Flann O’Gratz here!

King of Jacks – the Posh Office!

That’s right dirt-fans. Hot on the heels of yesterdays grand unveiling of the King of Jacks section we have, scorching in at number 2, The Posh Office.

It’s the King of Jacks!

We couldn’t hold back any longer, we’ve just burst our colons with excitement! In our latest effort to delight our dear readers we have a new section – King of Jacks.

We’ve had some very iffy experiences in our travels relating to the quality of porcelain thrones available. Some could only be called toilets in the loosest terms. Still, any port in a storm, eh, readers?

We’ve started it as a “top 10″ but hope that soon, with help of you, our dirty little fans, we can bolster these numbers considerably. The section will fill out over the next week or so from our own archives but we welcome your contributions. Please send them to along with a quick explanation of where you found them and your overall experience. And once again, keep it real – no random Google images!

Please do flounce on over to our latest treat. Ladies and Gentlemen: The King of Jacks

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