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Dumptionary now on Facebook!

That’s right, dirt-fans. Still in it’s infancy as, let’s be honest, are we, now has a Facebook fan page for your viewing pleasure. Sure to be full of teaser shots (we’re still not sure what we can get away with before certain banishment), we have yet another forum to keep apprised of our latest stern-nuggets.

You can find us here Dumptionary on Facebook for now. Dedicated Facebook buttonery to follow on the website soon!

Peace and love. The Dumptionary Team

It’s the King of Jacks!

We couldn’t hold back any longer, we’ve just burst our colons with excitement! In our latest effort to delight our dear readers we have a new section – King of Jacks.

We’ve had some very iffy experiences in our travels relating to the quality of porcelain thrones available. Some could only be called toilets in the loosest terms. Still, any port in a storm, eh, readers?

We’ve started it as a “top 10″ but hope that soon, with help of you, our dirty little fans, we can bolster these numbers considerably. The section will fill out over the next week or so from our own archives but we welcome your contributions. Please send them to along with a quick explanation of where you found them and your overall experience. And once again, keep it real – no random Google images!

Please do flounce on over to our latest treat. Ladies and Gentlemen: The King of Jacks

Twitter feed

We are now on twitter -@dumptionary – FECK!
(If you are in China, get VPN’d up…)

It is what it is…errrrr, we’ll see!

Dumptionary gets web2.0arrhea!

Hold on there dirt fans; you haven’t gone round the u-bend to the wrong site. is getting a make-over!

We’re going all web2.0 on your ass with a view to giving your experience here more girth, length – and an extended splash – of flair.

Now, we could have gone the professional route of developing the site, extensively testing off-line and polishing our shiney bright new turd before uploading the whole mass ready to rock, but that’s not our style. Just like quality bum-lumber, it will be honestly, and slowly extruded and curled out before your very eyes, sweet-corn warts and all.

You will see plenty of changes over the next week [few weeks!] or so as we, quite honestly, fumble around blindly with no plan at all to create our new home. By “our”, we of course mean you, our dedicated fans.

We want to provide some historical archiving of our site, accessible to all so you can keep up with us, and to allow us to update more regularly. Just because you don’t see much action on the site, the species are quite literally piling up behind us – there are a huge number of species updates in the pipeline! The biggest aim of this update, however, is to allow a measure of interaction with our beloved dirt fans, including the ability for you to comment on our work here and, more excitingly, we would like to open up the birthing-suite doors to you all, for you to submit your very own efforts for addition to the Readers Wipes section. A very exciting time ahead, we’re sure you’ll agree!

We ask you to be patient with us as we develop, but hope you’ll understand there’s lots of juicy fibrous goodness to come. We’re all pretty excited about this here at, we hope you are too.

The Dumptionary Team.

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About us

In 2010, a crack engineering unit was sent to Anting by a rogue contract agency for a crime they didn’t commit.

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security design studio to the Shanghai underground.

Today, still wanted by the end-client, they survive as soldiers of defication. If you have an ejection, if no one else can classify it, and if you can find them, maybe you can consult…

The Poo-Team.