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Readers Wipes – Turbaconucken!

A hearty effort from one of dear readers has just been uploaded for your viewing pleasure – the Turbaconucken. Intrigued? As well you should be! Head on through to it and be educated.

Readers Wipes! We’ve shown you ours, now show us yours…

That’s right dirt fans. We’re doing the unthinkable.

The flood gates are now open (quite literally), and we want to see your efforts! Send in your pics here and make your little splash in the toilet bowl of history. All entries are, of course, anonymous, and would no doubt brighten up the site. If you like brown. You know what we’re looking for – an explanation of the inspiration for your train of thought and a picture of the dirty little deed itself.

If you are lacking in imagination or literary skill, our very own Barles Glaswin on the Creative Licence Desk here at Dumptionary Towers will more than gladly oblige to add colour to your prose. And Poo.

Have at it dear readers – and don’t strain an aneurysm.

The Dumptionary Team

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In 2010, a crack engineering unit was sent to Anting by a rogue contract agency for a crime they didn’t commit.

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security design studio to the Shanghai underground.

Today, still wanted by the end-client, they survive as soldiers of defication. If you have an ejection, if no one else can classify it, and if you can find them, maybe you can consult…

The Poo-Team.