Come on in, and welcome to the inner sanctum of Dumptionary Towers. Please, pull up a birthing suite – we’ve warmed the rim – especially for you.

Sometimes in your life, with a bit of luck and the right connections, you are fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a truly exceptional character. That person may be an inspirational teacher, a pillar of society with unimpeachable moral character, perhaps such a brave soul that has risen gracefully amongst horrid misfortune. Their stories may be plain to see, guarded with intimate humility or gushed forth with such empiric volition that one may consider a mid-dump courtesy flush.

On these very pages we present to you the deeply researched musings of a dear friend to Think of him as a wise uncle in the corner of your bathroom, eased back in a wicker chair with a knowing wink and a smile.

Fresh from the quill of Barles Glaswin, we present to you, our dear reader: Glaswin’s Trap


Barles’ Special Species

Novelty Dumps