Dumptionary.com appreciates the wider ranging raison d’être for its success lies in more than just the diet that produces such fabulous Species of Faeces.

Have you ever even given a second thought to your bum-easel? You probably use the same 2 or 3 toilets every day of your life and give nary a second thought to the contribution it makes to your anal art. Is it too slippery to allow a Sleeping Vandal, yet would invariably lend itself to a Houdini?

I bet some of you didn’t even know they could be remarkably different throughout the world. Some can rob you of your much treasured prize, some delight with their techno-wizardry, others raise primal feeling of disgust, yet others still can inspire you with their avant-gardism.

More than just an effluent removal device, they are our comfort. Our artistic frames. Our friends. Ladies and gentlemen, we at Dumptionary.com are pleasured beyond reasonable decency to present to you our top 10.

We invite you to submit your jacks here: wipes@dumptionary.com

Ladies and gentlemen… King of Jacks:


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King of Jacks #2
King of Jacks #3