Flann O’Gratz

Showing just what can happen when cultures align, the Flann O’Gratz is a less successful implementation.

The simple Gaelic-inspired black and white tile patterning is a joy to behold – a taste of the Emerald Isle home country. The Austrian inspiration of the MASSIVE toilet paper dispenser, which we can only imagine needs filling once a year, in pseudo-Teutonic blast of efficiency could have sealed the deal. Possibly even saving the banal porcelain throne.

But no. We can’t imagine the atmosphere in this trap encouraging the creativity we draw on – mostly because of the gormless face drawn on the wall, peering down at your strained efforts. We can only assume the toilet lid is missing from where the 12 year old boy stood on it to deface the cubicle wall.

A closer inspection of the fittings reveals the remains of a manufacturers sticker on the cistern, showing far from the acute attention to detail we like to see here at Dumptionary.com. And what can one make of that toilet brush lolling listlessly in the corner? Whilst normally a true Dumptioneer would appreciate having an eraser in case of artistic error, we can’t help but think the positioning of this brush is asking for trouble – it’s probably seen more dirt action on the handle than the business end.

And last, but not least, note the myriad cigarette burns atop the paper dispenser as a final mark of disrespect to our craft.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we grudgingly give you: The Flann O’Gratz