The Mocha Swirl

This bad-boy goes straight into #1 slot, and you can see why! In all its resplendence, this is the current dirt receptacle of our very own Barles Glaswin. We venture to say it explains a lot about his eccentrically verbose literary style… he obviously feels like he’s tripping his titties off every time he sets foot in his bathroom!

In fact, to quote our very own Chargel Darling upon his first viewing of this magnificent throne “Ohhhh my fuckinGod! That puppy looks like it belongs in Elvis’s jungle room!” We whole-heartedly agree, Chargel. Found only in the outer regions of Northern China, this looks like it would keep you chocolatey-warm even in the depths of winter.

We can’t help but feel the “unusual (ahem)” pattern could rob the owner of certain skid-mark kudos, but we guess this could be it’s greatest strength in the hands of mere mortals.