The Posh Office

The sign of a truly cosmopolitan company that’s going places. If they can splash out on toilets (‘scuse the pun) like this, they’re doing well. A master-class in understated marble luxury, you can imagine being inspired to produce your finest bum-lumber in these cosseting surroundings

Note the presence of not one, but two paper dispensers for your delectation – one for toilet paper, and one for napkins. How posh is that? Seriously, when did you last need a napkin because toilet paper “just wouldn’t satisfy”?!

Delicate ambient lighting is provided from a thoroughly modern sconce mounted thoughtfully above the spray line of the standing-gentleman visitor. We have no details to this effect, but one can only assume the lighting cycles through varies hues dependent on the dumpers mood. We’d certainly like to think so. You would think that such a splendid cubicle would be deserving of our number 1 spot in King of Jacks, but the eagle-eyed of you will no doubt have spotted, as we did, the scourge of any budding dump artiste – an automatic flush.

No matter. We here at Dumptionary Towers salute the excess of sanitary paper-ware, and welcome The Posh Office to our King of Jacks section.