Homer PigHomer Pig Dump

(Crocus Sus Fossor)

We have the pleasure of presenting to you a delightfuly playful platter of pooh in this classic example of life imitating art.

This dirty hommage to Homer is instantly (and, surprisingly) recognisable as our affable yellow friend carrying his much-loved spider pig. If not slightly spoiled by that pesky carrot fragment protuding from his foot. Oh yes, we spotted you straight away, our little indigestable friend!

Our anal-ysis team leapt on this photo immediately amidst fears we were being duped with a cleverly photo-shopped fake. We a pleased to confirm it is indeed a genuine potty pastry of distinction. We can’t help but suspect that this cheeeky Homer bears all the hallmarks of a Sleeping Vandal in the making. I guess we’ll never know

We’ll leave you with the ever endearing lyrics of Homer:

SPIDER PIG, SPIDER PIG. Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does. Can he swing, from a web? No he cant, he’s a pig. LOOK OOOUUUTTT!!!! He is a SPIDER PIG!!

Special thanks to Pooper-Cooper, the Bowl-Butcher of Shanghai.