(sus pullus effercio nex)

One can immediately see the family resemblance twixt the dump and it’s inspiration. Not familiar with the almighty Turbaconucken? Allow us to enlighten you, dear dirt fan…

The Turbaconucken is the bastard culinary brainchild of American origin. From the land of the obese that bought you such artery-hardeners as “Baconnaise”, corn-dog pizza and the bacon donut comes a Sunday afternoon treat that takes some beating.

A layered composite of turkey, stuffed with chicken – which in turn is stuffed with a duck, oh yeah, all wrapped up in a layer of bacon. Can you feel the sheer weighty density? Can you?

One can only imagine the gravity of actually birthing it’s doppelgänger into the porcelain pot

A spectacular effort (one can only imagine the grunting and gurning required for this badboy), and a big thanks to Brummie Bowl Steamer for cooking up this little treat for us!