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(nonaginta novem cum dulcis)

The 99 With Flake, though outwardly similar in compositional construct with The Scott, is bourne from an inverse bowel movement. The subtle but crucial difference between these 2 beauties is in the layering order – The 99 With Flake being the more common to achieve. Unlike its namesake, the flake element is actually the first rim-shot to arrive; a firm, healthy slug of lumber, pinched off to remain at a relatively jaunty angle against the side of the pan, in a state of semi-submergence. Your guts, however, in a surprise twist of evacuation completely let go and have at it like a Mr Whippy machine in chocolate overdrive, rapidly piling down around the flake in a heaped, indeed, slightly helical presentation.

Additional personal satisfaction marks may be awarded for a nutty hint to the texture.