Wait for Dump Here

(iucunditas olympus)

The Nirvana is entirely unrelated to Kurt Cobains’ popular 90′s indie-rock group. True Nirvana symbolizes a heavenly state of acsencion unparalleled by any other earthly experience.

Nirvana can neither be planned nor forced – it is a gift from the Gods. There is no way of knowing when it is your time.

Nirvana may usurp, without prejudice, any species you feel you may have thus expelled in the birthing suite, but fear not; your reward will be reavealed in Heaven.

A swift tug on the flush, although initially uneventful, will see your faecal progeny rise, and be lofted to the Heavans on a biblical, swirling torrent, never ending, never ceasing, e’er unswerving, until finally – until forcibly, you feel a need to take a step back lest your feet get wet.

Oh yes, your bowel evacuation is of such outstanding volume – regardless of mass, that you have over-whelmed the plumbing of this life, and have initiated the journey on to the next.

You, my son, have achieved… Nirvana.

NOTE: The Nirvana is naturally superior to the Assisted Nirvana.